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    What is Marine Cargo Insurance?

    Marine cargo insurance provides coverage and covers the overall cost of the goods that are exported or imported (from one country to another country or vice-versa), it also covers the goods within the country’s territory when the goods are being carried by any transportation from one place to another.

    What are means of transport for marine cargo insurance?

    The Marine cargo insurance policy applies to all the goods being transported through any means of mobility such as air, road, sea, or rail. Some coverage providers might also include inland transportation coverage in the same provided policy.

    How is the premium calculated?

    The formula for calculating premiums in marine cargo insurance policy is done based on the total annual sales or annual turnover of the insured business. It is calculated and specified and has to be reimbursed for the price over and above the cover required/desired.

    What are the types of risk covered?

    The marine cargo insurance policy provides coverage against the risk of theft, piracy, and any kind of damage to the goods and products while loading and off-loading the cargo. Moreover, there are other risks involved against which an extra cover needs to be procured and availed by the insured, situations like strikes, violence, and any other risk that might not be known and cannot be monitored are applicable under the special clauses of the policy.

    Who should avail this policy?

    The Marine Cargo insurance policy coverage can be availed by sellers, buyers, merchants involved in export and import, banks and any other entity engaged in the business of import and exports of goods and products.

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